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Friday June 6, 2008

Subang Jaya assemblyman pledges to support more environmental efforts

Subang Jaya folk can expect a greener environment with assemblyman Hannah Yeoh pledging to support as many environmental efforts as possible in the constituency.

Among some of the plans under way include discussions with Sime Darby to gazette Taman Subang Ria as a green lung and to replant trees at Millennium Park.

Our support: Yeoh and Phang pinning up their pledges.

“I will try my best to stop any unplanned development or development that is not environmentally sustainable. I can’t do much on projects that has been previously approved but I will do my best to monitor upcoming projects,” Yeoh said.

“The grant that my office receives from the state government will also be allocated to support environment campaigns brought forward by the community. If the community has any green ideas that I feel is suitable, I will definitely support it,” she added.

Yeoh has also recently pledged to plant 25 trees in the vicinity of Subang Jaya as part of a green effort jointly organised by Forest Reserve Institute Malaysia, Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) and Subang Echo.

Yeoh is also spearheading the 10 minutes A Week campaign, which encouraged the local community to take ten minutes off every week to clean the surroundings of their homes.

“If everyone plays a role, then the neighbourhood will be a better place to live in. Just take some time off to clean to prevent menaces like dengue,” said Yeoh.

Yeoh was at the Menara Star with Jeffrey Phang from Friends of Kota Damansara (FOKD) to pin up their pledges on the MY Board as part of The Star’s Green Every Day – Act Now campaign in conjunction with the World Environment Day 2008.

Yeoh pledged to avoid using styrofoam cups and plates, not to waste water unnecessarily and to support environmental projects and campaigns in her constituency.

For Phang, he pledged that FOKD would work towards gazetting the Kota Damansara forest into a community forest park and to use it as a venue to promote experiential environmental education programmes.

“We want to gazette the green area as a community forest park so that the community themselves have a say over what they want to see in the area. We want the park to not only be a green area but also to perform a social function as a venue for racial integration and environmental education,” Phang explained.

FOKD has been receiving a lot of help from non-governmental organisations and community leaders.

“We are very glad with the momentum that has been created through this support and we hope that this will continue until we have achieved our goal,” he said.


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