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Monday June 23, 2008

Six break-ins in three weeks

SIX break-ins in less than three weeks in their gated and guarded community led residents of Wangsa Baiduri Subang Jaya to seek an immediate meeting and dialogue with the police.

The Wangsa Baiduri residents association had called for the meeting on Wednesday night and present to meet the people was Chief Inspector Sulaiman Baputty from the SS17 police station. Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh was also there.

Urgent dialogue: The residents at the dialogue cum meeting with the police, at which Sulaiman, Yeoh, and Chai addressed them.

Yeoh said she had had urgent discussions with all chief inspectors in Subang Jaya in the wake of the rising crime in the township.

“Wangsa Baiduri is a a classic example to show that it's not right to assume gated communities won't have crime,” said Yeoh, adding that it was important for residents to work closely with the police to keep crime in check.

Sulaiman did not hesitate to give his handphone numbers to the people and assured them that they could call him anytime if they found anything amiss in their neighbourhood.

“Residents can make an appointment to see me after 2pm every day as I'm in court in the mornings,” Sulaiman added.

“The most important thing is that people must call. Most of the time, they say they see crime happening but do nothing about it.”

Asked how long it would take for the police to come by once a call was made, Sulaiman estimated a response time of approximately five to 10 minutes. “If my men do not come, please let me know,” he added.

The residents also suggested several proposals to tighten security. Among others, they proposed that the guards take note of the registration numbers of the vehicles entering the neighbourhood, and ensure that the barrier was kept down at all times at the exit, so that suspicious vehicles could be stopped.

Developer Emko Properties general manager Chai Kian Soon said its immediate plan was to help upgrade the road and guardhouse leading into Wangsa Baiduri, which would start by mid-July, which would take about two to three months to complete.

“We will distribute stickers to the street representatives to sell to residents with vehicles so that they can be identified as our people,” said Chai, adding that the residents' cooperation was needed on this matter.

Yeoh called for the residents to have a proper security system in place before they informed the police what had been drawn out.

“Sometimes you don't see many reports of police arrests in the media but I know that certain suspects have been arrested but this cannot be reported as yet,” she added.

Sulaiman can be contacted at 016-347 1270 or 019-370 7100.


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