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Wednesday May 28, 2008

All-star cast

International Sand Sculpture Festival

The fleeting nature of stardom couldn’t be better depicted than when it’s made of sand.

Beneath the Hollywood sign, the Simpsons, Darth Vader, Miss Piggy, superheroes and other intricate works that combine art and engineering drew in enthusiasts to the southern Portuguese village of Pera, which hosted the fourth International Sand Sculpture Festival (FIESA) on May 22.

More than 60 sculptors used 35,000 tonnes of sand on an area of 15,000sq m to build a park with sculptures of well-known Hollywood films and characters. A replica of Mount Rushmore’s four presidents was one of the major attractions.

FIESA, organised by ProSandArt, is the only festival of its kind in the Iberian Peninsula and, for the amount of sand used, it is the largest exhibition of sand sculptures in the world.

Experts will tell you that having the right mindset is as important as the building material and process of sculpting it. Sand, after all, is an extremely temporary medium and the sculptor should bear in mind that no matter how beautiful the result, it will eventually be reclaimed by the sea.

For the committed sand sculptor, the challenge is all about building the next work of art.


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