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Sunday March 9, 2008

Midnight win in Negri for BN

SEREMBAN: The Barisan Nasional formed the state government just after midnight when it won 21 of the 36 state seats. 

The Opposition, a loose pact led by the DAP, won the remaining 15, making it their biggest haul in the history of the state. 

The DAP won 10 of the 11 seats it contested. 

Victory hug: Khairy hugging his wife Nori Abdullah after he was announced the victor in Rembau yesterday.
Barisan also won five of the eight parliamentary seats, gaining victories in its strongholds of Jelebu, Jempol, Kuala Pilah, Tampin and Rembau. 

The DAP captured the Seremban and Rasah parliamentary seats while Parti Keadilan Rakyat scored a first for the party in Teluk Kemang. 

The state seats won by Barisan were Chennah, Pertang, Sungai Lui, Klawang, Serting, Palong, Jeram Padang, Lenggeng, Juasseh, Seri Menanti, Gemas, Gemencheh, Senaling, Pilah, Johol, Labu, Chembong, Rantau, Kota, Bagan Pinang and Senaling. 

The Opposition won in Bahau, Nilai, Lobak, Temiang, Sikamat, Ampangan, Repah, Bukit Kepayang, Rahang, Mambau, Senawang, Paroi, Chuah, Lukut and Port Dickson. 

In the 2004 general election, the Barisan won 34 of the 36 state seats.  

However, this increased to 35 in March last year when Bahau assemblyman Lim Fui Ming joined the MCA. 

Then, the Barisan swept all eight parliamentary seats. 

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan defended his Rantau seat by defeating PKR's Aisah Lamsah. Mohamad polled 7,739 votes to Aisah's 3,956. 

When met at Wisma Umno, near here, Mohamad said a post-mortem would be done to determine why the coalition lost in some of its strongholds. 

“We accept the people's decision. For now, we will have to start working on fulfilling our pledges,” he said. 

The notable casualties in the state were state MIC chairman Datuk T. Rajagopalu (Port Dickson), Gerakan chief Datuk Woo Ah Lek (Senawang), MCA deputy chief Datuk Dr Yeow Chai Thiam and national Wanita secretary-general Datuk Yu Chok Tow who lost in the Rasah and Seremban parliamentary seats respectively. 

Deputy Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk S. Sothinathan, who won the Teluk Kemang parliamentary seat with a 17,778 majority in 2004, was defeated by PKR state chief Datuk Kamarul Bahrin Abbas with a 2,804 majority. 

The MIC won only one of the three seats its contested in the state. 

Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin, who made his electoral debut contesting in the Rembau parliamentary seat, also won comfortably. 

Khairy polled 26,525 votes against PKR's Badrul Hisham Shaharin, who got 20,779. 

“Although I won by a reduced majority compared to my predecessor, I will work harder for the betterment of Rembau,” he said when met.  

The DAP's best ever outing previously was in 1969 when it won eight of the 24 seats contested. 

The PKR also created history with its first-ever victories in the state. 

The MCA, meanwhile, lost all the state seats it contested except in Chennah. 


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