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Sunday February 3, 2008

Rat-hot panties all the rage, say traders

PENANG: Fancy a “rat” on a pair of red panties for good luck?

Being the Year of the Rat, the “mouse” is all over the place including on undergarments, which have become hot items.

Roadside trader Vivian Tham, 40, said red panties with the mouse motif are selling so well that she has to frequently restock them.

“Red panties are supposed to bring good luck to the wearer during Chinese New Year. The panties are also popular with foreigners, especially Japanese tourists who find the mouse designs cute,” she added.

Tham said she started selling mouse-themed panties from China at her stall in Air Itam since December.

Her husband, Chong Seong Bee, 48, who also trades at the pasar malam, said the panties were selling like hot cakes during weekends.

Housewife Elaine Tan, 32, who bought several pairs for her toddler yesterday, said she found the designs cute.

“It’s an annual tradition for me to buy red underwear for the New Year for good luck,” she smiled.

Tan’s friend, Lee Ee Ling however preferred something more subtle and said she was glad the panties were also available in other colours.

Housewife Roselind Ooi, 51, said she bought several pairs for her daughter who would be getting married soon, for good luck.

In Ipoh, SYLVIA LOOI reports that decorations with the rat motif are selling well.

Xin Loong Trendy Sdn Bhd manager M. J. Wong said his shop started selling decorations featuring rats since the end of last month.

“Customers started buying the decorations after the Winter Solstice Festival,” he said.

Among the favourite decorations are piggy banks and sound-emitting statuettes of the God of Prosperity, he said.


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