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Wednesday February 20, 2008

Mukhriz ‘the right man to contest in Langkawi’

LOCAL leaders believe Datuk Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir is the right man to take Langkawi to greater heights. 

Langkawi MIC chief T. Manogaran said Mukhriz should be given a chance to contest in Langkawi as changes were needed to secure a better future for the resort island. 

“People in Langkawi are grateful to Mukhriz’s father Tun Dr Mahathir for bringing progress to their island when he was the Prime Minister. 

“We believe Mukhriz is the right person to bring more progress to Langkawi,” he told a press conference yesterday. 

The press conference was called by 80 grassroots leaders to protest a statement made by Langkawi division secretary Mohd Saiful Mustafa that the division would not accept candidates from outside the island. 

Bernama had quoted Mohd Saiful as saying that the division and a majority of the people in Langkawi rejected Mukhriz. 

Langkawi Umno permanent chairman Johari Bulat said the statement made by Mohd Saiful was false. 

“Mohd Saiful’s statement that 85 out of the 91 Umno branches in Langkawi rejected Mukhriz’s candidacy is not true at all. 

“Within 12 hours after the statement was released, a total of 33 branch chiefs signed a petition supporting Mukhriz’s candidacy,” he said. 

Langkawi MCA division chief Datuk Chen Liau Weng said he regretted Saiful’s statement that Mukhriz was not eligible because he was not a local. 

“As much as we respect and appreciate contribution made by incumbent Datuk Paduka Abu Ba-kar Taib, we think it is time chance is given to a new candidate to bring greater progress to Langkawi,” he said. 

Sungai Itau branch chairman Maton Mahmud called on Abu Bakar to pave the way for Mukhriz to continue Dr Mahathir’s initiative to promote Langkawi. 

Former Langkawi assemblyman Ismail Yaacob, who is Bendang Baru Umno branch chief, said even veteran Umno members supported Mukhriz’s candidacy.  


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