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Tuesday February 12, 2008

SCORE set to make Sarawak a powerhouse of growth

BINTULU: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has laid the framework for the channelling of electricity generated in Sarawak to Sabah and peninsular Malaysia, to ensure the whole country receives abundant and reasonably priced electricity for generations to come. 

The Prime Minister yesterday launched the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE), the regional development corridor for the state, and witnessed the signing of billions of ringgit worth of electricity-generation projects, including an agreement to build undersea transmission lines from Sarawak to peninsular Malaysia. 

Speaking to some 15,000 people at the launching ceremony, Abdullah stressed the importance of having abundant and reasonably priced electricity as a pre-requisite for development in the social, economic and industrial fronts of the whole country. 

“Sarawak has vast potential for electricity generation because of its massive reserves of hydro-power, coal and gas, and the capacity for future generations is huge. 

Abdullah said the projects would not only bring in huge investments for the state and country, it would also transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, including those in rural areas. 

“The development corridor in Sarawak will be broad-based and comprehensive. It will involve not only renewable energy projects, but also at least 10 high priority sectors, including petroleum, gas, steel, silica, fisheries, agriculture and aluminium. 

“And we don’t want these projects to involve only foreign investors, foreign managers, foreign expertise or foreign executives. Malaysians must also be actively involved,” he said. 

Abdullah said he was confident Sarawak would develop the energy corridor in an environmentally friendly manner.  

SCORE will see the creation of a 320km-long development corridor from Tanjung Manis in Mukah to Bintulu. 

The core projects include setting up five power generation plants to churn out at least 20,000 megawatts of electricity at any one time.  


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