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Saturday December 20, 2008

Six-year wait for apartment

HAVING waited for more than six years, buyers of units at the Lagoon Perdana apartment in PJS 9 have yet to move in.

The house buyers have been taken on a roller-coaster ride over the years. After being left in the lurch when the developer abandoned the project, new hope came in the form of a new developer which took over the project two years ago.

However, some of the buyers may now not even get to live in the unit of their choice as the developer had decided not to go ahead with the construction of levels 10-18 of the seventh block for safety reasons.

A meeting was held last Saturday between the developer and buyers at the hall in Lagoon Perdana.

The aim was to conduct a survey on the buyers’ choice between swapping units and opting for a refund.

They were given four options in the survey form:

·Maintain the original unit stated on the Sale and Purchase Agreement;

·Swap for a unit located between level 1 and 9 if the unit bought is located between level 10 and 18;

l. Accept a refund in the event that no spare unit is available for swapping; and

·Terminate the Sale and Purchase agreement and opt for a refund.

According to Tenaga Gagah Sdn Bhd managing director Ibrahim Mohammed, safety reports showed that there was soil settlement.

“Our consultants have given us a few options but we’ve decided to reduce the building to only nine floors instead of the original 18, as it would be risky.

“By doing so, we are losing close to 200 units but the safety of the buyers comes first,” he said.

He added that the block was expected to be completed next year.

Gurcharan Singh, who is the pro tem chairman for Lagoon Perdanan block 7, said the block was to have been completed in March next year.

The buyers were shown a power point presentation and given a technical explanation on the current situation of the development and the safety issues concerned.

However, when interviewed, some of the buyers said they could not comprehend the technical report given by the developers.

“We are only laymen; how could we understand those technical terms?” said a frustrated house buyer in his 60s, who wished to remain anonymous.

He added: “Some of us are retirees and if this was our only accommodation option, we would have been sleeping on the streets by now. I feel cheated.”

Another buyer, Yusrie Abdullah, echoed his sentiments.

“I feel cheated. I want a refund and I heard that many others preferred a refund, too.”

During the Q&A session, buyers raised queries on the quantum of the refund, when they would receive it, and if they would be compensated for the bank interest.

Ibrahim said the meeting was held mainly to get a survey on the buyers’ choices before they could decide on the date of the refund.

“We will refund the buyers what they had paid to the previous developer as well as the legal fees.”

The meeting was also attended by Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh and Subang Jaya municipal councillor Chang Kim Loong.

Yeoh assured the buyers that the form was only for survey purposes and not a legal document.

Chang, who is also the House Buyers Association (HBA) honorary secretary-general, advised the buyers on their rights.

“You can negotiate with the developer on the date of the refund.

“Be aware that it sometimes takes a long time to get the refund.

“Even if you are buying the apartment for investment and will be renting it out, you still have to take into account the safety issues as they may pose a risk,” he said.


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