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Friday October 24, 2008

KTM implements new queuing scheme for passengers

KTM Berhad has embarked on a new system called Q-System to ease the traffic flow among commuters throughout the Klang Valley.

The system was first introduced on Oct 17 in KL Sentral where commuters had to line up according to the colours displayed on the front of each train.

Before the commuters can board the train at a station, they had to wait for the passengers inside the train to get off first.

Before: A file picture of commuters jostling and shoving as they try to get in and out of a train.

These commuters have to line up according to the colours - red, blue and green - and about 15 to 20 KTM workers at the station will monitor the situation.

According to KTM managing director Abd Razak Abd Malek, the system can ease the flow of passengers during the peak rush hours, especially in the mornings and evenings.

“We hope that the system will reduce the risk of pick pockets and sexual harassment among the commuters,” he said.

“The commuters are learning very fast. After a few times, they already know the system and it is operating smoothly. In fact, we have received a lot of feedback from commuters who are satisfied with how the system works.” Razak said.

“The senior citizens, who had often got squeezed when boarding the train, can now breathe easier with the orderly boarding system,” he said.

Now: Commuters lining up behind the coloured lines for the trains

Razak said that in view of the successful implementation of the boarding system, KTM had decided to add three more trains to the current 23.

He told a press conference this at the KTM office in KL Sentral yesterday. Also present were KTM general manager (communter ser­vices) Mohd Zain Mat Taha and other senior KTM officials.

Razak said that because the system allowed those who exited the train to come out first, there would be less pushing and bickering among commuters, unlike the previous situation.

“It looks like the Q-System will put an end to the pushing and rushing into the train. Eventually, we will implement the System-Q at the congested stations at the MidValley, Bank Negara, Kuala Lumpur, Putra, Serdang, Kajang and Bandar Tasik Selatan,” Razak said.

“But this system comes with a hiccup. The only additional thing is that our announcers will have to speak three times more than usual, advising the commuters on platform and train but it is a small matter,” he said.

“Our main goal is to have the system run effectively, with people accepting and getting used to it, so that we will not need to have any of our workers to enforce the boarding system on them,’’ he said.


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