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Wednesday January 30, 2008

Settlement is too low, mum of convert tells court

PENANG: A Hindu woman was offered too low a sum to settle her claim for insurance monies left by her army ranger son who died a Muslim, a High Court heard.

Counsel Darshan Singh Khaira told the court yesterday that the offer for settlement made by the defendants to his client, cleaner M. Rukumony, 61, could not be accepted as the amount was too low.

At this, Justice John Louis O’Hara adjourned the matter, which was being mentioned at the open court, to be heard in his chambers.

The case was later fixed for mention on March 14, for the parties to consider offers for settlement.

Rukumony had named the Koperasi Angkatan Tentera Malaysia Berhad and Amanah Raya Berhad as defendants. The court also subsequently allowed the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council’s application to intervene as a defendant.

In her claim, Rukumony said the cooperative had taken out a policy on her son but refused to pay her the RM56,300 and instead deposited it with Amanah Raya.

The cooperative said that under Syariah Law, Rukumony could not inherit the property of her deceased son because she is a non-Muslim.


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