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Tuesday January 22, 2008

Lingam: ‘I talk rubbish when I drink’

KUALA LUMPUR: He could have had too many drinks.  

This was why he could not remember the occasion in the video clip that allegedly showed him brokering the appointment of judges. 

Datuk V.K. Lingam told the Royal Commission of Inquiry that the video clip was made more than six years ago and that he could not recall the occasion at all. 

The video showed several bottles of whisky, brandy and wine as well as a bottle of soft drink, he added. 

“It looks from the video clip that there was a party (with) drinking going on,” said Lingam. 

At this juncture, commissioner Datuk Mahadev Shanker commented: “There is truth in wine.” 

Lingam: “Well, my friends tell me I talk rubbish when I drink wine.” 

He said businessman Loh Mui Fah – whose son filmed the video clip – would usually bring about three to six bottles of wine whenever he visited him at his house. 

To questions from Loh’s lawyer, Americk Sidhu, regarding his drinking habit, Lingam said from what he saw in the 14-minute video clip, he was “seen drinking”. 

Lingam said he only drank at home and not in pubs. 

Furthermore, he said if he were at a function, he would not drink too much.  

He added that he would start getting tipsy if he drank more than two-and-a-half glasses of wine. 

“There were occasions, when my wife and children were away in England, when I would have taken one too many (drinks),” he said. 

When Americk said Loh had told him that he did not bring anything when visiting Lingam, the lawyer replied:  

“Didn't bring anything? On every visit, he brings. I've made it very clear.”  


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