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Thursday September 20, 2007

Girl in a bag a foreigner?


PETALING JAYA: The lack of inoculation marks on the body of the girl stuffed inside a sports bag in Petaling Utama indicates that the child could be a foreigner. 

Police are now looking into the angle that the girl and her parents could be illegal immigrants, since no one has come forward to claim the body. 

Not the same: (Top) Nurin missing since Aug 20 and (bottom) the dead girl who yet to be identified.
If indeed the parents are illegal immigrants, they face a dilemma because, to reveal themselves to the authorities would result in deportation for them, and yet their statement to the police would be vital in tracking down the child’s killer. 

A paediatrician who declined to be named said all Malaysian babies are given the BCG vaccine after birth. The absence of the BCG scar on the dead girl could mean that her parents are illegal immigrants.  

On Monday, an employee found the bag at the bottom of the staircase of a shoplot in PJS1/48 and brought it into her workplace, thinking that it belonged to her boss. 

Her boss later opened the bag and found the naked body of a girl in a foetal position.  

Police found bruise marks on her neck, suggesting strangulation, and a brinjal and a cucumber inserted in her private parts. 

“There is no missing person report that fits the girl’s description,” said Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed yesterday. 

The bag was left at the place as early as 2pm on Sunday because there was CCTV footage of a woman in jeans and a red top walking about in the area at that time and the bag could be seen then. The woman, estimated to be in her 20s, later entered a Silver Kenari. 

ACP Arjunaidi appealed to the woman in the video, or people who know her, to contact the police. 

In the brand new sports bag which was sent to the police forensic unit for fingerprinting, investigators found strands of hair that did not belong to the girl. The dead girl, believed to be between six and nine years old, weighed about 18kg and was about 150cm in height. There was a birthmark on her left thigh. 

Police are also checking whether the murder was linked to two cases in the past three months, where two girls aged five and six were abducted and molested in the Kampung Baru area in separate incidents. 

Meanwhile, police have taken blood samples for DNA tests from the parents of eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, who has been missing since Aug 20 in the Wangsa Maju area. 

Nurin’s parents were called to view the girl’s body on Monday but they confirmed that the dead girl was not their daughter. 

It was reported that Nurin was seen putting up a resistance as she was being pulled into a van near a night market in Wangsa Maju on the night she disappeared.  

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