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Monday August 6, 2007

Resurrect your bras!

Pretty: Make this potpourri pouch from your old bra.
NO matter what brand your bra is, no matter how expensive or cheap, there comes a day when its straps and the sides will become too loose. Your “old faithful” cannot give you the support it’s designed to give. But don’t just throw it away? there’s a new use for it. 

Notice how the cups are usually still in good shape. Just sew them together into a pouch. Fill the pouch with fragrant potpourri and hang it in your wardrobe. The more elaborate your bra cups are, the less you will need to embellish the pouch.  

You need

Plain bra
Lace (1cm width) – 20cm x 2 pieces
(2cm width) – 30cm x 2 pcs 

Satin ribbons (0.5cm width)
(a) 25cm x 2pcs
(b) 28cm x 2pcs
(c ) 40cm x 2pcs
(d) 60cm x 2pcs 

Appliques, sequins, beads, bows
Sewing scissors
Needle & thread

1. Cut off the bra straps and the sides from the cups. If there are wires beneath the cups, remove them. 

2. Sew the 1cm-wide laces on the top edges of both cups. Then sew the 2cm-wide strips of laces around the bottom edges. 

3. Attach appliqués, sequins, beads, etc, on the bra cups. 

4. Fold the cups to form a pouch, with the strap sides with rings forming one corner and the middle of the bra forming another corner. Sew the sides and bottom of the cups firmly together, leaving the top open. Attach ribbons (a) to the bottom edge. Trim off excess. 

5. Thread one piece of ribbon (b) through the small ring as shown. Repeat with one piece of ribbon (c). 

Fold the other piece of ribbon (b) into half and stitch it at the middle point to the other corner of the pouch. Do the same with the remaining ribbon (c). 

6. Lastly, sew ribbons (d) to each corner. Fill the bra pouch with some potpourri. 

7. Place the ends of ribbons (d) over a clothes bar in your closet and tie them into a bow to hang the bra potpourri pouch.


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