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Wednesday July 4, 2007

Artistes set for green day event

KUALA LUMPUR: Doing their bit to create public awareness of environmental issue – this is the mission for artistes participating the SuriaFM Green Every Day 2007 Concert this Saturday. 

Malaysian Idol and five-time Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) winner Jaclyn Victor said such events went a long away in making the public aware of environmental issues. 

Jaclyn: ‘We take these things for granted. The only way to make people aware is to keep reminding them about it through events like this one’
“We take these things for granted. The only way to make people aware is to keep reminding them about it through events like this one,” she said. 

She added that since natural resources were limited, it was important to make the effort to conserve energy. 

Jaclyn will perform two songs at the concert, one of them her latest hit, Satu Harapan

Singer Atilia, whose debut album Sangkar is currently making waves, is looking forward to using her newfound fame in a positive way. 

“I am very happy because I can now do my bit in creating awareness about environment, particularly now when the climate is going crazy,” she said. 

Atilia, daughter of veteran singer Salamiah Hassan, will sing Salah Sangka, and to add drama to the performance, she will have her video of the song projected onto the screen behind her. 

Heavy metal outfit Nrocinu, winner of last year’s instalment of reality rock band competition Rock Unite, is looking forward to participating in this event. 

“We hope to share the message of environmental preservation and inform the audience of the hazards of pollution, not just on the environment, but our minds as well,” said lead singer Roll Kamarul. 

“It would be great if people opened their minds to the need for us to help our surroundings, and at the same time, get a good dose of music,” revealed the frontman. 

Young and upcoming R&B group Urban Method will be participating for the first time in any sort of concert. 

“We are very excited. Urban Method is new, we have just released our first album and this concert is a very good platform for us, both in exposure as well as in playing our part in preserving Mother Nature,” said the group’s leader Mahadhir Ismail. 

He said the concert would enable artistes and their fans to interact, learn and work together towards protecting the environment. 

More than 50 artistes will perform at the concert, including Zainal Abidin, Ramli Sarip, Khatijah Ibrahim, Erra Fazira, Flop Poppy, Dayang Nurfaizah, Farah Asyikin, Faizal OIAM and Indonesian artistes such as Slank, Titi DJ, Nia Ramadhani and Nicholas Saputra. 

The concert will also pay tribute to the late Loganathan Arumugam, founding member of the Alleycats, who died of lung cancer recently. 

The event will also be aired live over SuriaFM, and via mStar Online and The Star Online. 

A delayed telecast of the concert will be aired by Astro Ria on Sunday. 

The concert, held in conjunction with SuriaFM’s Green Every Day 2007 campaign, will be held at the parking lot of the Bukit Jalil Stadium from 4pm to midnight. Admission is free. 

Similar concerts will also be held in major cities around the world on the same day.  


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