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Friday April 13, 2007

Rapid KL tweaks Bandar Tun Razak routes

AS part of its new improved service, Rapid KL has made adjustments to existing routes in Bandar Tun Razak based on feedback received from customers in the area. 

A briefing on the new routes was recently chaired by Bandar Tun Razak MP Datuk Tan Chai Ho who also presented a list of complaints from bus users in his constituency. 

“Residents have highlighted two major complaints. The first is the hassle of having to switch many buses before getting to a destination and the confusing bus fares,” saod Tan. 

Residents briefing: Tan highlighting some of the residents’ complaints during the meeting.
“The second complaint is the punctuality of the buses, which is not consistent. Some bus users have to wait up to two hours before a bus arrives,” he added. 

Tan explained that it is essential for residents to give feedback to Rapid KL to continuously improve its service and not just blame the company when problems occur. 

“We want to create a win-win situation where residents can help Rapid KL provide better services based on ideas and feedback. We don’t want to point fingers and blame anyone,”  

The briefing was conducted by Rapid KL bus operations general manager Khairuddin Sulaiman and he introduced new routes as well as explaining other improvements. 

The objective of the adjustments is to reduce transfer of buses, extending city shuttle hub to the city area, and to enhance bus stop information with better designs and customer friendly templates. 

The KL Sentral line will be extended to Jalan Sultan Mo-hamed Terminal. Local shuttles will now carry the letter T (Tempatan), trunk lines will carry the letter U (Utama) and city shuttles will carry the letter B (Bandar) in front of the bus numbers to allow passengers to identify which line the bus is on.  

New routes include U44 from Bandar Permaisuri, U45 from Bandar Tun Razak, U46 from Desa Baiduri and U47 from Taman Segar that will all reach the destination of Bukit Bintang. 

T407 from Taman Bukit Segar Jaya to Taman Segar and T405 from Taman Cuepacs to LRT Ban-dar Tasik Selatan will remain the same.  

“The Maluri hub will remain but the trunk line buses from Cheras will be extended to Bukit Bintang while passengers going to KLCC, Chow Kit, Pasar Seni and KL Sentral can still transfer at Maluri,” Khairuddin said. 

Fares are at RM1 for T, RM2 for U and B, RM4 for comprehensive T, U and B lines.  

Senior citizens, school children and the disabled will be entitled to concession fares.  

All changes in Bandar Tun Razak will take effect from April 21 onwards. 


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