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Saturday December 29, 2007

To protect with their lives - Fotoplay

Members of the elite Unit Tindakan Khas (Special Action Unit), better known as UTK, are responsible for escorting and protecting top leaders and VVIPs. Aspiring police officers who want to join the unit have to undergo specialised training, including sharpshooting, bodyguard training, hand-to-hand combat and parachuting. Normally fewer than 10% of them make the cut

Counter-strike: Normally located at the rear of the rescue car in a motorcade alignment, back-up firepower will move in to neutralise the threat to facilitate the evacuation of the protectee. 

Potential threat: The pillion rider assuming a stance to simulate a counter-attack on a speeding superbike. UTK members need to be prepared for many possible scenarios. 

Lock and load: The cross draw technique is used to engage armed attackers while screening the protectee with the jacket. The side draw technique is equally practical. 

Protective shield: Trainees practising an all-round defence formation to shield an ‘injured’ protectee. 

Mobile defenders: Fender drills help trainees learn to maximise the security of the protectee during a slow drive. Fighting is not the top priority in a motorcade but survival is.


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