Friday November 30, 2007

Aiming to be premier Islamic university

THE International Islamic University Malaysia (UIAM) was set up in May 23, 1983 with its mission being to become the premier Islamic university in the world. 

Since then it has successfully created a curriculum based on Islamic principles and integrated basic knowledge in every field of study and research with Islamic values. 

In its mission to Islamise and integrate knowledge, 85% of the curriculum and courses in every faculty are imbued with features of Islamic education. Every faculty has successfully created learning outcomes that reflect the integration of knowledge and practice. This has made UIAM an institution of excellence in integration of knowledge. 

To date, UIAM has produced 28,065 and 10,767 graduates at bachelor's, and master's and doctorate levels respectively. Of these 38,832 graduates, 4,270 were international students from more than 100 countries. As such, UIAM is recognised by OIC countries as an institution that produces many international graduates.  

Internationalisation is a long-term objective for UIAM, with the aim of achieving a staff and student population at 30%. The number of international students and staff has shown a commendable increase as a result of the Sept 11, 2001 tragedy. 

As such, it is continuously working towards being the preferred institution globally as well as making Malaysia a centre for education excellence in the world. 

Having graduates all over the world, UIAM has officially established Alumni Chapters in Thailand, Bosnia Herzegovina, Indonesia, Maldives, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Singapore. Branches of Alumni Chapters have also been opened in Turkey, China, Nigeria, the Philippines, Yemen, Brunei, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Gambia and the United Arab Emirates.  

The main functions of these Alumni Chapters are to promote the concept of humanity and development of the world community, improve relations among members throughout the world, and set up communication networks to develop UIAM and Malaysia in general. 

UIAM has carved its name on the international stage in the field of debate, public speaking and mooting competitions. In debating, UIAM has been listed in the “Malaysia Book of Records” as the first among the Top 10 international universities in debating competitions.  

UIAM has successfully produced a debate team that's respected at international level. Its debating team has made UIAM and Malaysia proud by winning the World's Best Debater Award in the competition held at the University of British Colombia in 2006.  

In the field of research, UIAM has received recognition at regional and international level by winning gold, silver and bronze medals at various exhibitions and expos, including PENCIPTA, INPEX, ITEX and Geneva. 

To ensure an effective delivery system, UIAM implemented the Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2000 for all its major activities including Human Resources Management; Facilities, Food and Services (Student Affairs Division); Management of Pre-Sessional Programmes and Public Courses; Management of ICT Resources and Application Systems; Management of Student Development Activities; and Mosque Management.  

To ensure an efficient and effective delivery system, senior management emphasises on data and information technology and has developed data and information systems for staff and students respectively. 

Besides this, a teaching and learning assessment system has also been developed, and students are able to directly assess their lecturers. All the data information systems can be accessed directly via the university's website. 

To date, UIAM has drawn up long-term action plans such as the Strategic Plan 2001-2010 based on the Higher Education Ministry's Strategic Plan 2001-2010. This plan was reviewed in 2007 in line with current developments including the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP), international system for grading universities, creation of research universities, and the Strategic Plan on Higher Education 2020, which was launched recently. 

By inculcating a culture of quality and excellence among the existent workforce, UIAM will continue to be competitive in its mission to make Malaysia a centre of excellence for tertiary education globally. 



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