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Monday November 26, 2007

Christmas cheer

EARLY Christmas celebration at Starbucks for coffee lovers. 

Starbucks’ much anticipated Christmas beverage, Toffee Nut Latte, is back for a toast of Christmas cheer. Adding to the festive flavour is the newly introduced Mocha Praline. 

Toffee Nut Latte is a rich and buttery beverage of sweet toffee and the warm flavours of toasted nuts, blended to perfection with smooth espresso and velvety steamed milk. 

This festive beverage is topped with whipped cream and toffee flavoured sprinkles. 

If you enjoy a mix of coffee and chocolate with a blend of smooth espresso, creamy steamed milk and rich chocolate, accented by hazelnut syrup and topped with whipped cream and mocha drizzle, then go for Mocha Praline. 

For a coffee-loving friend, you can give Starbucks Christmas Blend brewed from rare, aged Indonesian beans (aged for three to five years). 

It complements seasonal foods and is beautifully packaged for the occasion. Available for a limited period only. 

Queen of fruits 

MUCH has been said about our King of Fruits, so now is the time for the Queen of Fruits – the mangosteen. 

Now you can get the goodness of the fruit from XanGo, a delicious mangosteen beverage that harnesses the nutritional attributes of mangosteen through a proprietary formula. 

Made from an exclusive puree of the complete mangosteen fruit, XanGo is a concentrated source of xanthones, a family of vigorous phytonutrients. 

One to three ounces each day is recommended to unleash the power of xanthones in XanGo. 

The beverage is available from the XanGo distribution centre at UBN Tower, Ground Floor, Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lympur. Call 1- 800-18-1838 or visit xango.comfor details 

Fruity goodness 

THE next time visitors drop by, you need not serve them the standard soya bean milk or chrysanthemum tea. Yeo’s latest beverages, made from tropical fruit juices, include Yeo’s SourSop Drink, Yeo’s Pink Guava Drink and Yeo’s Coconut Juice. 

Soursop contains high fibre, vitamin B, C, calcium and iron; the soursop fruit is also known to promote good complexion and digestion. 

Highly appreciated for its luscious and thirst-quenching properties, the pink guava is known to have twice as much lycopene as tomatoes. 

Lycopene, among its many benefits, has been shown to prevent bad cholesterol from sticking to vascular walls. It also is high in vitamin C. Yeo’s Coconut Juice is said to be made from real pandan coconut juice with added coconut pulps from the finest quality Thai-grown coconuts. It is just the thing to cool you down in an instant. 

For a different experience, try Yeo’s Justea Green Tea Mango with Aloe Bits. 

The mango flavour with added aloe vera bits provide an extra “punch” that will appeal to young people. 

Also available are Justea Green Tea Lemon, Justea Green Tea Peach, Justea Green Tea Aloe Vera and Justea Green Tea White Grape with Aloe Bits. 

The beverages are available at all leading retail outlets, hypermarkets and supermarkets.


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