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Tuesday November 13, 2007

Kind souls return cash


SHAH ALAM: Chef Teoh Kean Hong slaved over a hot stove in a Chinese restaurant in London and ate instant noodles on his days off to save RM10,350 – money to support his wife and three children back home in Subang Jaya. 

Last Tuesday, he returned home for a short holiday.  

Thank you so much: Teoh expressing his gratitude to Capt Zaim and Asma. With them are Teoh’s wife Ivy Lee and their child Kai Xuan.
He stuffed the £1,500 in an envelope and placed it in a pocket of his jacket. Little did he know that the enveloped had dropped from his jacket as he flung it over his arms before getting into a car at the KL International Airport to return home at about 8pm.  

Teoh only realised the money was missing at 10pm while having dinner with his family. 

He rushed back to the airport hoping to find his money. It was not there and he reported the loss to the police. 

For the next few days, Teoh kept a brave front and took his family to Penang and Cameron Highlands.  

On Sunday, while in Cameron Highlands, Teoh’s father called. Somebody had found the money and it was reported in The Star.  

“I was so relieved. I am grateful there are still such honest people around,” said Teoh.  

Yesterday, Teoh met the person – lecturer Asma Muda. 

Asma, a lecturer at Technical Teachers' Training Institute, had stumbled upon the cash while loading her luggage into her husband’s car.  

Asma, 42, and her husband, pilot Capt Zaim Khalid, decided the money must be returned to its rightful owner. 

She sought The Star’s help to trace the owner.  

Over some home-made cookies at Asma’s house in Bukit Jelutong here, Teoh thanked the couple profusely for handing the money back to him. 

He insisted they accept an ang pow (red packet) as a token of his appreciation. 

Since the news was published, Asma and her husband had received numerous calls and SMSes.  

One SMS even said the couple was stupid, and should have just kept the money for themselves. 

“We were prepared for all the remarks. Keeping the money was never an option. As a lecturer, my wife always tells her students the importance of honesty. 

“As Muslims, we teach our five children never to keep what does not belong to us. In this case, the money is Teoh’s sweat and blood,” said Capt Zaim.  

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