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Friday October 12, 2007

Cops release video recordings

CCTV footage where Nurin’s body found - Pt 1
CCTV footage where Nurin’s body found - Pt 2
CCTV footage where Nurin’s body found - Pt 3  

We have several leads following the enhancement of the (CCTV) recording by the FBI... CID DIRECTOR COMM DATUK CHRISTOPHER WAN SOO KEE
KUALA LUMPUR: Police have several leads following the enhancement of the video recording of a man carrying a bag, believed to contain the naked body of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, by the Federal Bureau of Investigations' forensics laboratory in Washington. 

Federal CID Director Comm Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee, who made the recordings public yesterday, said: “The image of the man leaving the sports bag was captured at about 1pm on Sept 16.” 

The two-minute footage, captured on a web-camera CCTV system, shows the man in a long-sleeved T-shirt parking his Modenas Kriss motorcycle in front of the Jalan PJS 1/48 Petaling Utama three-storey shoplot, removing his crash helmet and making a call on his handphone. 

He is also seen walking towards the shop after the phone call, wearing his helmet and lifting the sports bag that was placed between the motorcycle seat and front basket. 

The man then coolly carries the bag towards the building before returning to his motorcycle without the bag and speeding away from the scene.  

The recording, however, fails to show a clear image of the man's face or the number plates on the motorcycle. 

A second footage released yesterday showed a woman in a red blouse and blue jeans loitering in the area where the sports bag containing Nurin’s body was found. 

The image shows a silver Perodua Kenari with three men arriving at the scene and two men alighting from the vehicle. 

The men, one wearing a yellow shirt and the other a striped long-sleeved T-shirt, loiter around the five-foot way of the shoplot area and chat with each other for several minutes before entering the Kenari with the woman and driving off. 

Comm Wan said the second image was recorded about an hour after the bagman on the motorcycle. 

“We found that both footage have some connection with Nurin’s case.  

Third footage: A photo grab showing two men chatting and loitering around the shoplot before leaving in the Kenari.
“We have several leads following the enhancement of the recording by the FBI,” he said. 

He said police contacted the Uptown taxi service company as the CCTV had also captured one of its taxis passing by while the bagman was talking on his handphone. 

“However, the company owners could not identify who was driving the taxi at the time. So we hope the driver who drove past the area can come forward to help us.”  

He also clarified that the photofit of a woman released on Oct 2 was based on the image of the woman in the red blouse captured in the second footage. 

“The photofit of a man released on the same day was based on descriptions given by the public of a man who had gone to housing areas in Bangsar inquiring about a room to rent for himself and his daughter,” he said. 

Those with information, can contact the police or send an SMS to the Rakan Cop hotline at 32728 or contact the investigation officer, Asst Supt Loh Pei Pei, at 019-357-7008.  

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