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Friday January 5, 2007

Factory emptied, so loan sharks beat up owner

IPOH: A group of illegal moneylenders beat up a factory owner as they were a bit late in seizing equipment from the man’s foundry in compensation for a debt. 

Another group of Ah Long had beaten them to it minutes earlier, when they carted off some RM3,000 worth of foundry equipment from the factory on Tuesday night. 

Ipoh Deputy OCPD Supt Lai Yong Heng said the 45-year-old factory owner had borrowed RM10,000 from several moneylenders. 

He had promised to return the money by New Year’s Day. 

“At about 10.30pm on Tuesday, one of the moneylenders went to the victim's house at Taman Rishah Indah in Menglembu and demanded that he settled the loan,” said Supt Lai. 

The victim instead led the man to his foundry in Pengkalan here where they took all the equipment to settle the debt. 

The second group of moneylenders turned up at 11pm and when he could not pay, they beat him up. 

Police arrived while they were beating him up and arrested four people aged 19 to 28, including a woman from China.  


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