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Friday September 8, 2006

Go for moderation

STRIDES in development can lead to discovery of modern medical cures but it can also bring about new diseases, Perak Health, Science and Environment committee chairman Datuk Tan Chin Meng said. 

“Don’t think that just because we are heading towards a developed country status that our health conditions are safe. Technology cannot save us from new diseases,” he said during the launch of a health screening programme in Sungai Siput recently. 

Tan told some 300 Sungai Siput residents attending the programme that the key to good health was to keep things in moderation. 

“Don’t drink too much alcohol. Don’t smoke. Don’t take too much unhealthy food and remember to make exercise a routine,” he said. 

More young people are having heart disease compared to 30 years ago. This could be due to unhealthy diet, higher level of stress and a change in lifestyle.  

HEALTH CHECK:(From left,standing)Tan and Sungai Siput Hospital Board of Visitors chairman Loong Heng Khwai looking at a leaflet containing health information during the launch of the health screening programme.With them are Sungai Siput MCA Division chief See Kuan Poh and hospital director Dr S. Kamalakshi.
Tan also urged the residents to be mindful of their health conditions by regularly monitoring them through health screenings in hospitals and clinics. 

“The Health Ministry is also urging all hospitals to hold free programmes, such as this to make people more aware of the importance of health,” he said. 

The country’s development in technology, he added, has benefited the health sector but certain diseases like the bird flu virus, heart failures or the various cancers were impossible to fight if detected too late. 

“I hope that more sports activities are held for everyone to be able to participate in and lead healthy lives,” said Tan. 

The one-day health screening programme was organised by the Sungai Siput Hospital. 

Eight doctors and two gynaecological specialists from Sungai Siput Hospital and Ipoh Hospital performed free pap smears, ultrasound tests and breast examinations.  


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