Sunday July 30, 2006

The energy machine

OUR body is a remarkable energy machine. Our central nervous system (brain and main nerve trunks) is akin to the central processing unit (CPU) of a computer. It receives, computes, modulates and stores information (acquired through our sensory nerve endings – sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, heat, pressure, pain; and also extra sensory inputs such as thought, intuition, ESP, etc). It is made up of billions of neurons that are themselves individual processing units with built-in connecting wires (axons and dendrites). They interconnect with one another, and interact by exchanging information using electrical impulses and neurotransmitters.  

The interconnections are like millions of intermeshed wires, not different from that in a supercomputer, only that the brain is much more complex and powerful. 

The human body is susceptible to all sorts of electromagnetic radiation that surround us in our daily lives.
They are also affected by hormones and messenger or signal molecules, and of course by external chemicals and drugs. 

The collective electrical signals can be detected through the EEG (electro-encephalogram) machine. Because the brain is always processing millions of information-bits most of the time, it is electrically busy and generates a lot of electromagnetic energy.  

While the brain itself is the hardware, the thoughts and thought-processing is the mind. The mind never rests. Even during sleep, we may experience wild dreams concocted by our mischievous minds. 

Now our sophisticated diagnostic machines (MRI, PET and other scanners) can detect other forms of energy activities in the brain that were not possible before. We can know precisely which area of the brain is active, or diseased. 

The body is susceptible to all sorts of electromagnetic radiation that surround us in our daily lives. The Earth itself is a huge electromagnetic sphere. Then there is the background radiation from radioactive decay and from the sun. Then we add to this the gadgets we invented for our comfort and enjoyment. We cannot live without handphones, computer screens, microwave ovens, radios, electrical power lines and many other radiation-emitting equipment or structures. Even machines we invent o take care of our health are potentially harmful – X-rays and CT scanners are just two examples. 

I was shocked to read a report of a study that showed that it is possible to boil an egg using the radiation that is emitted by our handphones! If you are like me and use the handphone a lot, then you have reason to be worried. Previously, there were concerns that the electromagnetic radiation from the handphones could cause cancer, but apparently the official word is that the risk is minimal. Now I am not sure if my brain is slowly being cooked every time I use the handphone. 

The brain and all the organs need oxygen, water and nutrients to survive and function well. Thus these essential requirements need to be transported after being acquired through breathing, drinking and eating, respectively. 

At the core of this distribution system is the heart-pump that sustains life by delivering oxygen, water and nutrients to all the cells through a labyrinth of blood vessels that would stretch over many kilometers if laid out end-to-end. It operates via an automatic electrical signal system that is in-built in the specialised muscle fibres. Individual cardiac muscle fibres will contract spontaneously even when separated from the organ itself.  

The heart has four chambers. It is organised such that there is a trigger area in the right atrium (small chamber) where the initiating electrical signal starts, and this signal travels through nerve channels so that the contractions of the two atria and two ventricles (large chambers) occur in a synchronised manner.  

You would be familiar with your two-phase heartbeat. You would also be familiar with the ECG (electro-cardiogram) that doctors use to check the health of your heart. This gives information about the electrical activity in the trigger area, the conducting channels, and the muscles of the heart chambers.  

Although the heart is an automatic organ, it is connected to the brain via the autonomic nervous system, and is further influenced by hormones (for example, adrenaline, the potent stress-hormone) and messenger molecules (for example, nitric oxide, which dilates the coronary arteries and speeds up the heartbeat). Chemicals and drugs can also have profound effects on it. 

Being a mechanical pump that runs on electrical and caloric energies, the heart also generates electromagnetic waves of its own, and is therefore also susceptible to external electromagnetic fields. In fact, that is how doctors attempt to restart a fibrillating or non-beating heart – by sending a strong electrical jolt (using the defibrillator). 

All our muscles also work through electrical impulses. Using TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), it is possible to dampen pain and stimulate muscles to simulate exercise. Small electrical currents are also used to firm up the skin and stimulate collagen proliferation for beauty and rejuvenation. 

The eyes and the ears receive information in the form of energy waves (light and sound respectively) while the nose detects ambient contents of the air we breathe. Just as harmful chemicals and excessive heat, pressure and pain can harm the body, abnormal energy waves can also damage the sensory organs, as well as all other cells and tissues that are susceptible to them. 

Mind waves 

There are many gadgets that claim to help our minds. The simplest would be the goggle-like gadget that covers your eyes and puts music in your ears. Classical music is often used as some of these have the rhythm that is claimed to help establish alpha waves in your brain.  

Alpha wave is the waveform detected when the mind is calm, or in the meditative and intuitive states. Being in alpha mode would therefore enhance thinking, learning and intuition. There are subliminal learning methods where information, affirmations and mind-stimulating programmes are subconsciously fed to the brain whilst the mind is coaxed into the alpha mode (through music or paced rhythm). 

Most mind-training programmes are aimed at teaching students to go into alpha mode as often as possible so that whatever the mind perceives and believes will become reality. 

The Japanese have a gadget for you to programme your dreams. Soviet scientists were known to study the mind to find its powers, and its potential use in warfare. 

All these involve enhancing or modifying natural brain waves. As a qigong practitioner, I am fully aware that everything I can do with qigong starts in the mind. With the mind, I can command my qi to go anywhere. My students and I have had lots of fun experimenting with this. My sifu can make paralysed legs move by just focusing his mind on the legs. 

The Wagner Transputer 

One of the earliest brain-wave modifiers is the Wagner Bionic Transputer. It is a pair of microchips that you wear under your wrist, and on a necklace. It is supposed to harmonise your brainwaves so that healthy waves are amplified, while aberrant, unhealthy waves are eliminated.  

The science behind it involves a lot of mathematical computations and algorithms, but in simpler terms it works similar to the resonance effect of sound waves. By emitting waves that are of the character of healthy brain waves, there will be resonance with and amplification of the natural healthy brain waves. 

The Willautronic chip 

Most of us are familiar with the simple, small coin-sized discs that are pasted onto the handphones in the hope of neutralising the harmful radiation. However, we do not know how effective they are. 

Like the Wagner Transputer, The WillauTronic chip is also a German invention. This electronic chip is specifically used to neutralise harmful electro-smog. Walter Laufs is a naturopath who focused his research on environmental health. Working on the knowledge of harmful electro-magnetic waves discovered by Nicola Tesla, Laufs worked on how to neutralise the most harmful of these waves (called Scalar, or longitudinal electromagnetic, LEM, component). 

His WillauTronic chip works on the inverse interference principle, where harmful electromagnetic waves are eliminated by mirror-image waves emitted by the chip. After 17 years of research, it is claimed that using this chip not only eliminates the harmful radiation from handphones, it also reduces stress, improves sleep, improves concentration, reduces tension headache, reduce allergies, improves the immune system, and even improves heart function. 

Knowing that the body is an energy machine, and that external waves can influence it beneficially or otherwise, it is worth trying out these gadgets, especially those that are backed by research. 

In the next article I will share with you several other gadgets that influence our health using electromagnetic signals. 

  • Dr Amir Farid Isahak is a medical specialist who practises holistic medicine and has been teaching qi gong for more than 10 years. He is the former president of the Guolin Qi Gong Association, Malaysia. You can e-mail him at The views expressed are those of the writer and readers are advised to always consult expert advice before undertaking any changes to their lifestyles. The Star does not give any warranty on accuracy, completeness, functionality, usefulness or other assurances as to the content appearing in this column. The Star disclaims all responsibility for any losses, damage to property or personal injury suffered directly or indirectly from reliance on such information. 


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