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Tuesday April 4, 2006

Lecturer teaching in ‘rojak’ English

THE other day, as my lecturer started to teach, I began to realise that the language she was using was rojak English. 

Throughout the lesson, she used a mixture of English and Malay. For example, “project manager punya authority is known to be limited” ... “therefore, untuk kita motivasi the workers, kita tengok apa jadi masalah untuk motivasi orang” ... “as a guide, kita boleh gunakan objective dia sendiri yang set” ... and “individual boleh dapat satisfaction dari situ.” 

Students will never learn good English in university if lecturers use such rojak language. Even the notes are in English and Malay. 

How will students prepare themselves for the exams? I find it really confusing and stressful. 

The use of proper English in universities is essential as graduates nowadays are having problems with their communications skills. 

Lecturers have great influence over their students. They should use that influence for the betterment of the students, not make things worse. 


Pai shay how


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