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Tuesday April 4, 2006

Speak Bahasa Malaysia, not bahasa rojak

I APPLAUD the Government’s stand on championing the proper usage of Bahasa Malaysia, “Gag order on using bahasa rojak” (Sunday Star, April 2).  

The exercise is long overdue. In fact, it is high time we safeguarded the purity of our national language. 

Bahasa rojak mars the beauty of Bahasa Malaysia . It erodes not only the distinct features of our lingua franca but also our identity.  

To mix it with other languages is akin to robbing the language of its specialties. Like oil and water, they won’t gel.  

In the worst scenario, listeners may not be able to understand what we say. This is especially true for foreigners. 

Everyone can speak Bahasa Malaysia fluently without turning it into rojak. Except for certain scientific and specific terminologies, Bahasa Malaysia has a wealth of vocabulary to cater for our daily conversation.  

Let us have radio deejays, drama hosts, newscasters and leaders converse eloquently in Bahasa Malaysia.  


Kuala Lumpur.


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