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Saturday April 29, 2006

123456 moment that comes only once in a century

PETALING JAYA: Do you know that at exactly one hour, two minutes and three seconds after midnight on the fourth of May, the time and date will read: 01.02.03 04.05.06? 

This combination comes together only once in a hundred years, so we can consider ourselves fortunate that it is happening in our lifetime. 

So do not let it be said that you slept through this 123456 moment. 

Come up with something to do at that point in time and The Star will help you to record this historic hour. 

Plan something meaningful, if not spectacular.  

It could be the perfect time to uncork that 15-year-old Burgundy that you have been saving for the right occasion. 

If you have agreed to marry him but do not know how or when to break the news to your parents, try 123456. 

Or, if it is your wedding night, you could choose that moment to ... well, you get the idea. 

So at that precise moment, tell us what you are doing. Watch out for more details in the Sunday Star tomorrow.  


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