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Sunday March 5, 2006

Sex, Hong Kong-style

LAST Sunday, on a hot and sunny day, sex was out in the open in Hong Kong.  

The First Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival was held outdoors at Hong Kong Central district’s Chater Road that is famous for the HSBC headquarters building, luxury stores and the thousands of Filipino maids who gather there on Sundays.  

Though the usually taboo subject came out in the open in cosmopolitan Hong Kong, the aim was educational, focusing on talks by prominent sexologists such as Dr Beverly Whipple, co-author of The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality, and Dr Hilda Hutcherson, author of What Your Mother Never Told You About Sex

I did not have any sexpectations (sorry, couldnt’ resist that) of the festival as I read in the Sunday Morning Post Ng Man-lun, the chairman of the festival, saying that the “event will be family-friendly because Hong Kong people are too shy and conservative to have booths with pornographic movies or a stand filled with Playboy magazines. 

Visitors at the First Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival getting a feel of the Jenna Bustin life-size blow-up doll.
“If we did it, I would probably be run out of town, and we’d be back where we started,” said Ng, or Dr Sex as he is known in Hong Kong.  

His statement that Hongkongers were “too shy and conservative” was ironic because outside my hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui there is a sex shop, a bookstore that sells Penthouse, Playboy and other skin magazines and several sauna massage houses. 

Even as I walked from the hotel to a nearby char siew (roast pork) restaurant at 10pm, I was accosted by a prostitute who was asking for 800 Hong Kong dollars (about RM400) in return for a good time.  

Dr Sex promised that the weeklong festival, when it continued at the Sheung Wan Civic Centre Exhibition Hall, would be a “little more explicit.” 

And so it was – a little. 

At the outdoor festival, a company selling the Love Chair only gave out brochures while at the indoor festival, it showed a video demonstration on how to use the love chair with a partner for pleasure. (Those who are curious about the chair can view it as www.aox.com.cn)  

Judging from the crowd watching the video demonstration, it looked like only the elderly males were thrilled. For me, the RM4,000 chair is designed for a lazy man. 

The other main booth in the festival was Namma Manufacturing Co Limited’s exhibition. Among the exhibits were Jenna Bustin inflatable full size doll, Jezebel’s beaded G-bar and Black Scorpion penis bondage. 

So what did a Malaysian woman who had participated in the Sexpo Singapore 2005 think of the First Hong Sex Cultural Festival? 

“They could be bolder. Everything is milder here. They should show more stuff. They don’t even have condoms,” said Kelly Teoh, who distributed brochures from Zestra, which is one of the major sponsors of the festival. “This is more of a sex education festival.” 

She was right. The main room at the exhibition hall hosted sex experts from South Korea, Hong Kong, China and the United States who spoke on the subject in the most proper and clinical way.  

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