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Sunday December 3, 2006

Ghani on why people cannot accept concept

JOHOR BARU: Any concept similar to that of a Bangsa Malayan under the Malayan Union is unacceptable, and this includes the idea of a Malaysian Malaysia. 

In making this point, Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said if people understood why a Bangsa Malayan was rejected during Umno founder Datuk Onn Jaafar’s leadership, they should also realise why any concept akin to it could not be accepted. 

“It is about everything being equal and this does not capture the hearts of Malaysians. 

“Therefore, regardless of whatever name is given, the concept is similar and this is against idea kenegaraan (the idea of nationhood) which we have inherited,” he said yesterday when launching the five-day Datuk Onn National Conference at Persada Johor. 

Abdul Ghani, who is also Johor Umno chairman, said in the name of globalisation, the people had been asked to accept universal principles and this had meant a denial of idea kenegaraan

The people, he added, must be brave in delving into the differences between idea kenegaraan and a Malaysian Malaysia because the people were now facing a “clash of ideas.” 

“If we do not stand firm in our struggle and emphasise the essence of nationhood, which is already so clear, this might change the concept of nationalism, not only in the economic arena but also in politics, religion, culture and language. 

“As such, we cannot be lackadaisical or be influenced without first examining a new idea.” Abdul Ghani said idea kenegaraan had not only been applied effectively for the past 50 years but was still relevant to the country today. 

“We, as Malays, and even the non-Malays, should admit that Datuk Onn’s idea kenegaraan should be inherited and practised,” he said. 

“This is the idea that has united the Malays, and also the same idea that has given privileges to other races to be citizens, live together and share power and prosperity.”  

“Datuk Onn has left a heritage which is priceless and should be used as a guide for all generations,” he added.  


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