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Thursday November 16, 2006

Altantuya was never a fashion model, says mum


ULAN BATOR: The 28-year-old Mongolian woman whose bone fragments were found in the jungle in Shah Alam was no fashion model. Neither did she have a 16-month-old son.  

Altantuya Shaaribuu’s mother Sh Altantsetseg, who refused to be interviewed by The Star, told a local daily Truth that certain stories about her daughter were wrong.  

“My daughter had only two children, aged 10 and three. There was no 16-month-old kid.” 

In the article published in the Mongolian language paper yesterday, she confirmed that Altantuya had a mole on her upper lip removed.  

“My daughter had it removed not long ago. The mole was getting bigger. That is why surgery was done.” 

Altantsetseg said her daughter was never married to Malaysian political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, who had been remanded to assist in investigations into the murder of Altantuya. 

HOT NEWS: A Mongolian newspaper carrying Altantuya’s story.
The following are excerpts of the interview published in Truth

Truth: How did you find out about your daughter’s murder? 

Altantsetseg: From her girlfriend. 

Did she go to KL with Altantuya? 

Yes, Altantuya’s documents were in her purse. Her name is Uuree.  

What did Altantuya say about her trip to Malaysia?  

Business trip. To meet a business partner ... an investor.  

Is it true that Altantuya’s father Shaaribuu went to Malaysia with Abdul Razak’s child to prove that the kid is his? 

No it’s not true. Shaaribuu went to Malaysia last week. He has been in contact with me since. He flew to Malaysia last Tuesday after hearing news of our daughter’s death. 

How did you hear about the news? 

Altantuya’s girlfriend was looking for her after she disappeared. She had spoken to the honorary consul. When three policemen were arrested, and she learnt that a Mongolian woman had been killed, she called us. We were shocked. We cried, we were sad and they (Malaysian government) asked for my blood to conduct the test. So my husband took it with him when he went to Malaysia. 

Do you think there was a relationship between Abdul Razak and your daughter?  

Maybe they had a business relationship, I don’t know. I just heard about him.  

So, perhaps the story about Abdul Razak is false? 

I think my daughter knew him. But we don’t know him. I only came to know about him through the pictures in the newspapers. Both of them had never married. That is false information.  

So the stories about Altantuya being married to him, that they have a 16-month-old boy, and she had gone to KL to get money from Abdul Razak ... 

Not true! The younger boy’s father is a Mongolian. 

Has she ever been to Malaysia? 

Only once, for business.  

Do you know what kind of business? 

I think she talked to potential investors, to bring them to Mongolia. I’m not sure. 

Did she own a company? 

She just opened one, but it didn’t do that well. I heard about her opening another company in Hong Kong. 

What was her profession? 

She was in Russia when she was in first grade elementary school. Shaaribuu and I were working in Russia and we took both our daughters there. Altantuya’s sister was in kindergarten then. Two years later we moved to Leningrad. Then we returned to Mongolia. Altantuya was studying in a Russian school. She was really good with language. She studied French, and she was fluent in Russian and English.  

Did she live with you? 

She lived with her two sons ... I don’t want to talk about her private life.  

Was Maadai her husband? 

My daughter’s older son is Maadai’s son. He is the father of the 10-year-old child. 

Do you have contact with Maadai? 

Of course, we have. But my daughter never asked money from him.  

When did Altantuya model? 

She never did. People think she was a model because she was pretty.  

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