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Wednesday January 25, 2006

Dogs put out with the rubbish


LOVING CARE: Lim checking on the puppies that are up for adoption at the animal shelter of the Sarawak Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Kuching Tuesday.
KUCHING: Spring-cleaning to some families here does not only mean clearing their homes of old furniture or unwanted household items. They are also getting rid of their dogs. 

These owners either dump their dogs far away from their homes, get the local authorities to remove them or send them to the Sarawak Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals animal shelter. 

The society’s officer-in-charge of animals, Elizabeth Lim, said there was a significant increase in the number of dogs being dumped during the spring-cleaning period of every festive season. 

“The lucky ones come to us while the unlucky ones are thrown away by their owners,” she told The Star yesterday.  

“We get many pregnant dogs and cats,” she added. 

Lim said most of these unwanted dogs were kept to look after the homes of the owners, who gave various reasons for getting rid of them.  

“Some said they were fed up with their dogs for messing up the house, disturbing the plants and flowers. Others wanted to let their dogs go because they are old or have skin problems,” she added. 

Lim said a few owners had heeded her advice to send their dogs with skin problems to veterinary clinics for treatment instead of leaving them at the shelter. 

“I told them that dogs and cats have feelings, too. Some pets cry when the owners leave. Then they feel sorry and take the animals home,” she said. 

Lim said the animal shelter now had more than 70 dogs and puppies for adoption. 

“This is the Year of the Dog. Owners should show more compassion for their dogs,” she added.  


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