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Sunday January 22, 2006

Aussie troops pay respects to war heroes

TAMPIN: About 100 Australian soldiers observed a minute of silence to remember their countrymen who were killed during the Japanese Occupation at Sungai Kelemah, Gemas.  

Led by Major Gregg Guyder, the group gathered at the Sungai Kelamah Monument to pay their respects to the Australian soldiers who lost their lives on Jan 15, 1942.  

The soldiers had arrived from Johor after completing a training session with the armed forces. They have been in the country since November.  

Guyder added that he and his team were fortunate to set foot on the site where a great fight had taken place 64 years ago.  

The monument was built by the Government in 1999 to commemorate Australia Batallion 2/30 and Japanese soldiers. 

During the war, the Australian army led by Lt-Col Gallaghan bombed a bridge to stop the Japanese army's entry into Tampin. The ruins of the wooden bridge over Sungai Gemencheh that connected Gemas and Tampin remain to this day.  

Gemas state assemblyman Datuk Ir Jamlus Aziz, who greeted the team yesterday, said the visit was to introduce the state’s tourism product to the foreigners.  

“There are more remains from the World War II era and on Tun Teja’s journey to Malacca,” he said.  


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