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It is a robbery, say cops

Wednesday July 6, 2005

It is a robbery, say cops


BALING: The “accident” that took the lives of two security guards and saw RM1mil disappear from an armoured vehicle was in fact a well-planned robbery. 

Police believe that the driver of a lorry had deliberately crashed his vehicle into the oncoming armoured truck in the 1.50pm incident at Jalan Baru Baling here on Monday 

The lorry that crashed into the van had been reported missing by its owner several days ago. 

Baling Deputy OCPD Deputy Supt Khamis Hamzah revealed yesterday that police found a stack of RM50 notes totalling RM4,000 in a ravine beside the scene of the accident. 

Meanwhile, a police source said that the unidentified lorry driver had died from injuries suffered in the accident. 

Naemah (left) attending to Azaly, while other family members surround him at the Kulim Hospital on Tuesday.
“The driver, who had fled the scene immediately after the accident, died at a private hospital in Butterworth about 3pm on Monday. 

“He was taken to the medical centre by relatives about 2pm on Monday,” said the source, who added that they were told of the man’s death at 1.30pm yesterday.  

Securiforce Sdn Bhd van driver Yusfarizal Mohd Azmi, 30 and security guard Haliki Amin Jusoh, 33, died on the spot in the accident. Their colleagues Aznan Mat, 51, and Azaly Mad Ariff, 49, are warded at the Kulim Hospital. 

The four guards had earlier taken RM1mil from the Bank Negara branch in Penang which was to be delivered to the Bank Islam branch in Baling. 

The crash-cum-robbery occurred on a deserted stretch of the Kulim-Baling Highway, with oil palm and rubber estates on both sides of the road.  

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