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Friday July 22, 2005

Pak Lah sets three missions for himself

DATUK Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has set three missions for himself – continuing to remind the world community to understand the root causes of terrorism, explaining that Islam is a religion of peace and opposed to violence, and showcasing Malaysia as a modern Islamic country. 

As Prime Minister of Malaysia, which is also the current chairman of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, Abdullah felt it was his duty to prevent Islam and its symbols from being used to propagate violence. 

“We are aware that there are groups in Malaysia and abroad that use Islam to fulfil narrow agendas.  

“They are willing to commit extreme acts of violence in the name of Islam,” he said in his policy speech at the opening of the 56th Umno general assembly. 

Any complacency, warned the Umno president, would open the doors for people with narrow agendas to use Malays to spread chaos among Muslims and shatter the harmonious racial relations. 

He said it was against this backdrop that Islam Hadhari was introduced as a long-term effort to ensure that Islam was practised in a more holistic, broader and diverse context. 

However, he said, there were those who were out to sabotage the effort, making false claims that Islam Hadhari only focused on worldly pursuits. 

Defending the concept, Abdullah said Islam Hadhari underpinned the Government's efforts to develop the Muslim community so that they could take a giant step forward to achieve excellence to contribute to the development of human civilisation. 

Islam Hadhari, he said, prioritised the development of civilisation by improving the Muslims' way of life by developing people who accumulated knowledge and mastered skills.  


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