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Tuesday December 13, 2005

Nude squat woman testifies

PETALING JAYA: The woman featured in the video clip doing ear squats in the nude testified on Tuesday before the Commission of Inquiry probing the incident. 

She is a 22-year old Malay, and is currently three-months pregnant. 

Clad in a black coat over an oversized baju kurung and a black tudung (headscarf), the woman testified for 50 minutes before the Commission of Inquiry with her back facing pressmen and the public. 

The media was prohibited by the four-member commission from publishing her name, photographs and personal details to protect her privacy. 

When she finished giving evidence, she was whisked away by two plainclothed policewomen with her head completely covered by a jacket. 

Commission chairman Tun Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah earlier dismissed an application by leading officer Suhaimi Ibrahim to bar the press from covering the proceedings. 

"This is a public inquiry, the proceedings must be open and transparent," he said. 

The petite woman started her testimony at 9.45am by saying that she was "a 22-year-old Malaysian of Malay descent". 

She then revealed that she had gotten married on Sept 25 and was currently three months pregnant. 

  • For more, read The Star on Wednesday. 

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