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Thursday October 13, 2005

Packages sent to missions harmless, says OCPD

KUALA LUMPUR: The mysterious packages sent to 13 foreign missions and the European Commission office caused quite a scare, but their contents have been found to be harmless. 

Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Kamal Pasha Jamal said analysis showed that the yellow liquid in the parcels was nothing more than a mixture of water and oil. 

“Even the powder that was sent was not, as feared, some dangerous substance, but just plain white powder. 

“Most probably this was just the work of orang nakal mischievous people –who have nothing better to do with their time,” he said yesterday. 

Packages containing a note, a compact disc, some yellow liquid, some white powder and small yellow beads were sent to 13 missions last week. 

The EC office received a parcel on Thursday, making it the last target to receive one. 

On Oct 4, the first packages arrived at the Japanese, Thai, German, Canadian, Singaporean and Philippines missions here and the Thai consulate in Penang. The next day, British, Australian, Russian, American and French missions received similar parcels.  


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