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Tuesday October 11, 2005

Buffer zone for border proposed

KUCHING: A 500m buffer zone has been proposed for the Sarawak-Kalimantan border to check illegal activities and enhance security management.  

The matter was discussed during recent bilateral talks in Jakarta between officials from the two sides. 

Also discussed were Sarawak’s concerns on future challenges in trans-boundary forest and timber-related issues.  

Sarawak has proposed to use technological hardware to address some of the concerns. 

“The challenges include Indonesia’s continuing problem with illegal logging and its associated trade, and the trans-boundary poaching in several of Sarawak's national parks along the Kalimantan border,” Sarawak Forestry Corporation security and asset protection unit general manager Sani Bakar said in a statement.  

Sani said the Sarawakian and Indonesian authorities acknowledged that their respective laws should be respected and enforced when it came to dealing with illegal forest activities involving their nationals.  


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