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Actress: No word from Aceh kin

Monday January 10, 2005

Actress: No word from Aceh kin

PETALING JAYA: Popular local actress Wardina Safiyyah is anxiously awaiting news on the fate of more than 100 relatives living in Aceh. 

“Because of the difficulties in establishing contact, we are still uncertain of the well-being of our relatives,” she said in an interview at her home in Kampung Tunku with Mingguan Malaysia, which carried the report yesterday.  

Wardina's mother, Asmah Abdul Ghani, hails from Kampung Sama Tiga in Bubon, Meulaboh, which was the hardest hit in the Dec 26 tsunami. 

After marrying Wardina's father, Fadhullah Wilmot, Asmah decided to raise her children in Malaysia where her husband worked. 

ANXIOUS WAIT: Wardina and her mother Asmah, who hails from Meulaboh in Aceh which was badly hit by the tsunami looking at family photographs at their home in Petaling Jaya.
Wardina said many of her mother's family were still there.  

“Meulaboh is also my kampung. We used to go there a lot when I was younger.  

“And now the tsunami has totally cut us off,” she added. 

When asked how many family members she had lost to the tsunami in Aceh, Wardina said the numbers were still unknown. 

“So far, my cousin, his wife and their child have been found dead. Another of my cousin relayed how she had to tie her three kids to her hip with a sarong to ensure they did not get swept away by the strong waves. 

“But her husband and other family members were engulfed by the waves and the chances for their survival is slim,” she added. 

Wardina said her aunt, Mak Dah, lost three of her children to the tsunami. 

The actress said that she and her family members were having sleepless nights wondering how their relatives were coping in the aftermath of the deadly earthquake and tsunami that struck Aceh on Boxing Day.  

“We worry for our relatives, who may be homeless and left with nothing. They are surrounded with death and bodies.  

“It’s a situation and condition that is beyond our imagination,” she said, adding her family would be forever traumatised by the catastrophe 

“But we have begun to accept it as a test of God. Maybe we have been complacent and had forgotten about Him.”  

Wardina said the likely suffering faced by her relatives had got her thinking about going to Aceh to help them. 

“But my mom has forbidden us from going, saying there was nothing much we could do. However, she did allow my brother, Irfan, to go and be with our relatives there,” she added.  


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