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Tuesday November 6, 2012

Company launches MenCare to educate men on breast cancer

Committed lot: (From left) Chan, Jitinder, GE’s human resource director Sugunah Verumandy, Ramani
and Choi at the event. Committed lot: (From left) Chan, Jitinder, GE’s human resource director Sugunah Verumandy, Ramani and Choi at the event.

GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) recently announced its support for MenCare, an initiative founded by Pfizer Malaysia and the National Council of Women’s Organisations (NCWO) Malaysia.

MenCare is an initiative that aims to garner men’s support to be actively involved in the breast-health care of their spouses and female family members. MenCare activities aim to educate men on breast cancer and how it ultimately affects the family.

The objective of MenCare is to educate men on breast cancer, one of the leading forms of cancer that affect women, and seeks to rally their support to encourage women to go for regular check-ups for early detection.

The initiative also seeks to influence existing policies in order to facilitate men’s support for their wives or female family members who have been diagnosed with the disease.

“GE is committed to raising awareness and fostering hope in the fight against breast cancer while working to accelerate cancer innovation.

“Through Mencare, GE hopes to play a role in raising awareness on the importance of early detection by encouraging men to be involved in supporting their loved ones,” said Asean strategic account director GE Healthcare Jitinder Magoon.

The collaboration was announced during a gala dinner in conjunction with GE’s Women’s Network Summit 2012.

Deputy president NCWO Datuk Ramani Gurusamy, country manager Pfizer Malaysia and Brunei Angel Choi, and MenCare Ambassador and international celebrity photographer Kid Chan were among the VIPs who attended the event to show their support for the campaign, encouraging the women in attendance to help the men in their lives better understand the disease.

“MenCare is an example of Pfizer’s commitment towards working together for a healthier world and we look to collaborating with various partners to make this a reality. The initiative is an example of how we work with partners such as NCWO.

“We applaud our latest partner, GE, for supporting MenCare” said Choi

The GE’s Women’s Network Summit gala dinner kickstarts a month-long fundraising campaign by GE, where money raised would go towards a joint fund to support educational programmes run by MenCare.

GE has also embarked on a series of awareness workshops to train employees to advocate for the support of awareness on breast -health care.

In conjunction with Pink October, GE employees also took part in a Healthymagi-nation Walk to help raise awareness of breast cancer.

Healthymagination is a GE initiative committed towards sustainable healthcare aimed at significantly reducing the cost of procedures and processes, increasing access to services, technologies and health education and essentially improving quality of care for patients.

The GE Cancer Commitment under the healthymagination initiative also allocated US$1bil in its dedicated cancer-related research and development in addition to helping clinicians deliver care to 10 million patients by 2020.

GE hopes to reach these goals by enabling more accurate diagnoses and better treatment through faster, more effective technologies.


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