Tuesday November 22, 2011

Viet brides hot commodities

PETALING JAYA: Vietnamese women are the top choice as life partners for local non-Muslim men seeking foreign wives.

Statistics by the National Registration Department showed that between 2009 until Oct 15 this year, Vietnamese women continued to make up more than 30% of the foreign brides.

Women from China and Indonesia are second and third on the list of preferred brides with an average of 26% and 15% respectively. Others are from Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar and India.

Statistics showed that in 2009, 2,679 Vietnamese women married local men while last year, there were 2,482 such marriages. As at Oct 15, some 1,879 couples had registered their marriages.

MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong said the number of Vietnamese brides would continue to grow as there were many match-making agencies in Kuala Lumpur specialising in arranged marriages between local men and women from that country.

“The number of marriages between local men and Vietnamese women is big. But the number of them running away is also high,” he said here yesterday.

Chong said there was tremendous growth in match-making agencies for Vietnamese brides due to high demand by local men.

He said local men regardless of their education and financial background who did not have good looks faced difficulties in finding wives among local women and would opt for these agencies, claiming that Vietnamese women were “fast learners” with most able to speak Mandarin.

“Many foreign women use their marriage with local men to get into Malaysia or to escape poverty in their country.

“But when they come here, they find it difficult to adjust and they run away,” he said, adding that many local men were now “married bachelors”, being unaware of procedures to dissolve the marriage with runaway wives.

Wanita MCA Cupid Space project executor Peggy Lim said less educated men often found it difficult to find local partners and would opt for foreign brides, adding that it only received match-making requests from those with at least executive positions.


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