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Wednesday August 18, 2010

Bubur pedas a must-have for buka puasa

THE ta’jil or appetisers for Muslims to break their fast with have gone beyond just dates and sweet syrupy cordials.

In Sarawak, the bubur pedas, a savoury porridge, is becoming a must-have.

A combination of more than 10 ingredients chopped and diced and thrown into a hot pot, the bubur pedas comes out simmering like a golden stew instead of your everyday rice porridge.

A hit: Her empty stainless steel cookware is proof that Samnah’s bubur pedas at the Satok Ramadan bazaar is popular.

Bubur pedas or spicy porridge will not burn your taste buds as the name suggests, but will leave you with the tingling taste of coconut milk and tumeric leaves.

There’s also texture, since long beans, potatoes, carrot, bean curd skin, vermicelli and sliced tenderloin beef are among the ingredients.

It is really up to the cook what to incorporate in their bubur pedas, but according to Samnah Jap, it is not bubur pedas without the base ingredient, a paste called bumbu.

Having learned how to make bubur pedas from her mother, she has never failed to operate a stall at the Satok Ramadan Bazaar specialising on the porridge for the past six years.

Pricing her porridge at RM5 and RM3 depending on the portion, she sells about 300 containers a day.

Affordable: Samnah selling the porridge.

“Yes, business is good. A lot of people love to break fast with porridge and it is a dish which is filling. It’s also simple but tasty and you get all the nutrients from it,” she told StarMetro.

Samnah, 40, said that cooking bubur pedas was easy and the dish took less than an hour to prepare.

“It is unique because you can find bubur pedas only in Sarawak and is not something you make all year round. It is a festive dish which the community makes only during Ramadan so it’s special,” said the entrepreneur who sells cakes and nasi lemak on normal days.

Such is its authencity to Sarawak that there have been proposals to commercialise bubur pedas for the export market.


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