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Wednesday October 6, 2010

Umno: Ladang Rakyat plan ‘not good’

GUA MUSANG: The Ladang Rakyat (People’s Plantation) mooted by the Kelantan government will only bring misery and suffering to people earning below RM1,500 monthly, said Umno deputy division chief Mat Yusof Abdul Ghani.

He claimed that the land-sharing system would not benefit the people because in the end, the contracts to manage the land would be given to big companies and the people would remain landless.

“What I understand is that the people taking part in the land scheme will only be paid dividends and nothing more,” he told reporters after handing out RM200 each to 350 students from families that earn less than RM1,500 a month at SK Sri Wangi here.

“What about land ownership? They will never get land titles, as big crony companies would reap the benefits of the large tracts of land.

“The People’s Plantation is sure to be an issue here and we (Umno) will go to town with it in all our ceramah because the people in Gua Musang will be on the losing end.

“We will also bring up the RM4bil gift from a businessman to the PAS central committee. It is impossible for a company to just give money after securing land in Tumpat alone. PAS has a lot of explaining to do.”

Mat Yusof, who is the Nengiri assemblyman, was also confident that PAS would not dare to bring up the oil royalty issue and claim that the Federal Government was victimising the people because the Kelantan Federal Develop-ment Department had disbursed at least RM20mil in compassionate money to poor students who were denied money from the fund for hardcore poor by the PAS Kelantan government.

“The people here are fed-up with the oil royalty issue because they do not feel victimised in anyway whatsoever, and the banners claiming that Kelantanese had been victimsed had been thrown away,” he added.

“The compassionate fund is specially tailored for Kelantanese, and the money is efficiently channelled to them without prejudice.”

He also said that in Galas constituency, there were at least1,500 people from hard-core poor families who needed the compassionate fund to help with their daily expenditures.


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