Saturday January 30, 2010

Halal health supplements store opens at Jaya One

THE flagship store of Frontier International (M) Sdn Bhd, a global producer of halal health supplements, was launched in Petaling Jaya recently by Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir.

Also present at the launch were Frontier International founder and president Dr Suk Jee Jong, the nation’s first astronaut and one of the company’s partners, Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor and Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) director Azizi Meor Nyah.

Dr Jong said: “Frontier International’s products are backed by the advanced Nanotechnology, which is an elegant process of minimising the sizes while maximising the potency of molecules and biochemical of the various raw materials for better and efficient human absorption.

“We are confident that this flagship store will be an avenue for Malaysians who are seeking quality products for health and wellness using the latest technology available today.”

Currently, Frontier International’s products are available in 52 countries worldwide.

Its range of healthcare and personal care products, including the Angkasa Series were developed by four lead scientists namely Dr Suk Jee Jong, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, Dr Carlo Delucca and Dr Massimiliano Conti.

The team spent 12 months researching and developing the products in Angkasa Series at their base in Switzerland and Italy.

In his speech during the launch of the Angkasa Series, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor said, “I am a firm believer of the motto, ‘What the mind believes, the body can achieve’. Therefore, it is with great excitement that I have partnered with Frontier International to develop the Angkasa Series which is also the first full halal health supplements and personal care products available as a complete combination.

“The Angkasa Series is aimed at bringing halal healthcare and personal products that are affordable, effective and safe to consume on a long-term basis to the Muslim market in Malaysia and the world at large.”

There are 12 products in the Angkasa Series with the prices ranging from RM33 to RM45 (in Peninsular Malaysia).

All of Frontier International’s products, including the Angkasa Series, are manufactured in Switzerland and Italy, with some being packaged in Malaysia.

Angkasa Series of healthcare and personal care products are all halal and kosher certified and are available at the new flagship store located at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

For more information on Frontier International and its range of products, visit or http://frontier2u.multiply.comor call their toll free number (1-800-88-8233) or email them at


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