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Friday June 19, 2009

More abandoned dogs in Pulau Selat Kering saved with help of Kuning and Hitam

KLANG: More dogs have been rescued from the desolate Pulau Selat Kering since the return of Kuning the rescue dog.

According to TV Smith, who initiated and heads the Furry Friends Farm rescue team, Kuning started work immediately after his return to the site earlier this month.

Kuning carries out his search and rescue mission with his canine rescue partner Hitam who is also his housemate on the kelong where they live.

“Kuning had immediately swum to Pulau Selat Kering after his return to help rescue an abandoned dog the following day with Hitam’s help,” said Smith.

He said five dogs had since been rescued from the time Kuning returned to the kelong after being mistakenly taken by two well-meaning independent rescuers who found him near Pulau Selat Kering.

This brings the number of dogs rescued by the team to 26.

No dogs could be rescued during Kuning’s absence from the location.

“It seems only Kuning is able to lure the dogs out to the kelong where the fishermen help out by securing and handing them over to us,” he said.

Both Kuning and Hitam were among the estimated 400 dogs that had been dumped on Pulau Selat Kering by Pulau Ketam residents.

Both dogs, however, managed to swim to the kelong and were fed and taken care of by the workers there.

Apart from strays, the residents are also believed to have dumped their unwanted pets on Pulau Selat Kering, which is an uninhabited mangrove swamp.

Meanwhile, Smith said his group planned to carry out a comprehensive survey of the island to seek out more abandoned dogs.

He said efforts were also underway to coax the villagers to reveal the exact locations where they had dumped the dogs.


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