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Saturday March 22, 2008

Big spender Jankovic invests in dream house

INDIAN WELLS (California): Shopping sprees are a perk of tennis stardom for Jelena Jankovic, but the 23-year-old Serbian isn't confining her spending to trinkets. 

“I think it's worth it to buy, for example, houses or some type of properties where you're always going to have that money. When you buy shoes or bags, who you going to sell that to?” said Jankovic on Thursday. 

The world number four owns a house in Miami, and is building a house in the same upscale neighbourhood north of San Diego that golfer Phil Mickelson calls home. 

“It's beautiful. It's on a hill and just amazing,” she said of the property. “It will take maybe a year and a half or two years to build a whole house because it will be big.” 

Jankovic admitted that her description was based only on what she had been told, because she hadn't yet been to the site. 

“I haven't even seen the lot, but I hear all these stories,” she said. “It's amazing. It's all this, and it's like a fairytale to me to listen to it. So when I have time I will go and check it out.” 

She has seen the architect's plans for the house, which she calls “amazing.” 

While she's waiting for her dream home to be completed, Jankovic whiled away some time shopping for more frivolous items. 

“I'm a big spender,” she said. “I like to swipe my card. I just like doing it, you know, that motion.” 

Her latest big-ticket item was actually a gift from her father - a limited edition Louis Vuitton bag with a US$4,000 price tag. – AFP 


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