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Monday August 16, 2010

Shah Alam Hospital project hits a snag

CONSTRUCTION of the much awaited Shah Alam Hospital in Section 7, Shah Alam, has hit a snag.

StarMetro visited the site recently and found the place deserted as there was no construction work going on.

There were bricks, cement bags, planks and construction machinery at the site, however, there were no workers.

Abandoned: Bricks stacked up at the construction site.

A security guard manning the place said work came to a halt about three months ago.

Shah Alam MP Khalid Abdul Samad said the 300-bed hospital was supposed to be completed by Aug 14 and was later rescheduled to November this year.

The new completion date for the project now is June 2011. Khalid said the project was first awarded via direct negotiations to a company in 2007 for RM482mil.

“But the project has been embroiled in controversy as its sub-contractor was replaced by another company.

Left to rust: Pieces of scaffolding on the ground in the hospital compound area.

The project had been stalled by various legal suits between the main contractor and its subcontractors.

Khalid said the government should address the delay in completing the project as the nearest government hospital for Shah Alam residents was in Klang, which is about 15km away.

“There is only a government clinic for Shah Alam residents now located beside the construction of the new hospital. We hope that the hospital will be completed on time,’’ he said.

The Health and Works Ministries could not be reached for comments on the status of the project.


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