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Tuesday June 25, 2013

Former NSI man Dolcetti behind high-tech suit

KUALA LUMPUR: Canadian Joseph Dolcetti is not a new face in the world of sports science in Malaysia.

And thanks to him, Malaysia will now be on the world’s map through his invention – the Exogen, under the brand name Lila. The stylish high-tech suit is touted to improve an athlete’s power and speed.

Dolcetti said all the research and development were carried out in Malaysia.

He added that the concept was born while he was assisting former sprint star and doubles SEA Games gold medallist Nazmizam Mohamed in 2004.

“I had the idea of adding weight to Nazmizam’s tight fitting athletics clothing and it evolved from there. The full research and development only started after the 2008 Beijing Olympics,” said Dolcetti.

“From 2009-2011, we conducted many tests with Malaysian athletes from many sports (swimming, golf, karate, badminton, athletics, squash and football.) Now, we are ready for its local and international launch.

“For an athlete, speed and power is everything. There will be a 17% improved explosive power after only five weeks of wearing it,” he added.

Dolcetti’s office is at the Maba House in Kuala Lumpur. He can be contacted at joe@sportboleh.com.


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