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Tuesday June 25, 2013

FIH confident haze situation will improve in next few days

KUALA LUMPUR: The FIH World Hockey League semi-finals, which is scheduled to begin in Johor Baru on Saturday, will go ahead as planned.

Bjorn Isberg, the tournament director of the International Hockey Federation (FIH), said yesterday he was confident the haze situation in the country would improve in the next few days.

“At this point in time, I can say that the tournament will go ahead as scheduled. There are contingency plans in place in case the pollution in Johor Baru returns to unhealthy or hazardous levels, including the possibility of relocating the event to a different city,” added Isberg in a telephone interview from Singapore.

He said the FIH would monitor the API (Air Pollutant Index) reading every day during the tournament.

“If the reading on the match day is too high, we will postpone the matches. We have several options in place and we are ready for any eventualities.”

In a statement yesterday, the FIH said they would be monitoring the situation closely and work together with the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC).

“At this stage, our information is that the situation has been improving over the last two days with the API reading dropping below 100 in Johor Baru. The forecast for the coming days is positive. We are receiving updates on the pollution and air quality data every four hours,” said the FIH, adding that no match would proceed if the API reading is above 150.


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