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Monday May 27, 2013

Flowy and elegant dresses steal the spotlight at preview

Elegant: The models clad in Ridzuan’s (centre) latest collection which is inspired by his
latest obsession with porcelain ware. Elegant: The models clad in Ridzuan’s (centre) latest collection which is inspired by his latest obsession with porcelain ware.

ONE can almost imagine a fairy garden setting and sweet harp music playing as the models wearing Malaysian designer Ridzuan Bohari’s latest collections paraded inside his newly launched boutique in Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas recently.

If the showcase had to be summed into one word, it would be elegant and its supporting characters would be feminine and timeless.

This does not translate into boring, but in fact, Ridzuan has managed to add a little surprise element to his designs, particularly the second range of outfits.

“My latest interest is in porcelain items. Whenever I see any flea market or antique shop, I will hunt for porcelain items to my collection.

“I am particularly interested in those with the delicate blue and white patterns,” he said.

Ridzuan has taken this new love and translated it onto the collection via hand-painted designs onto the fabric.

The same collection, titled Romantika Lembara, also featured a whimsical range of two-pieces.

“For this I have played with pastel colours for this range and using chiffon, lace and organza.

“I have also displayed my signature detailed applique on many of them,” said Ridzuan.

He added that he hoped the new colour palette would bring an added vibrancy to the clothes.

He said the collection will be showcased at the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week where he had been asked to present twice the amount of outfits.

As for the boutique, a two-storey premises is located in the serene neighbourhood with the King and Queen as neighbours to boot.

“I opened my first boutique at the Malaysian Tourism Centre along Jalan Ampang in 2005 and later moved to Taman Tun Dr Ismail in 2008,” said Ridzuan.


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