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Thursday May 23, 2013

SMK Jalan Tasek students raring to participate

IT MAY be Tan Yan Kuan’s first time participating in the Ipoh International Starwalk this year, but the 15-year-old is already all pumped up for the event.

“My friends who went for the previous Starwalk events told me the atmosphere was fun and lively, so I am really looking forward to it. Besides, it is a good add-on to my weekly exercise and sports sessions,” said the SMK Jalan Tasek student.

Fellow Form Three student G. Dirnesivam said the walk was an opportunity for him to reconnect with friends from his primary school.

“I was really happy to be able to meet my old friends during the walk last year.

“I hope to have a great time with them again during the upcoming walk,” he said.

School senior assistant (student affairs) Ariff Fadzilah Abu Hassan said most students at the school were excited about the walk.

“It is a good programme that allows students to keep fit while mingling with people from different backgrounds.

Over at SMJK Yuk Choy, student M. Kashmittra Devi was disappointed when she could not join last year’s Ipoh International Starwalk due to transportation problems.

However, the 15-year-old is determined to participate this year.

“I am very excited about going as I will be able to meet a few friends from other schools who are participating as well.

“I will think of a way to get there,” she added.

Her classmate Cheong Kar Weng, 15, said: “I want to experience the fun of walking with my friends along Ipoh roads in the morning,” he said.

Fellow student Loke Xiao Rou, 15, said it would be her second year participating in the walk this time around.

“I will be walking with the same group of friends I went with last year,” she said.

School principal Chan Hen Huan said the school always sent their students to participate in the walk every year.

“It is a good chance for students who love outdoor activities to mix with students from other schools and build their confidence.

“We also encourage their family members to participate since it is an event that can be enjoyed by all age groups,” he said.


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