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Sunday May 12, 2013

Great response to ‘Kamilah Malaysia' campaign

PETALING JAYA: We're all in this together such was the positive sentiment greeting the Star Radio Group's upcoming “Kamilah Malaysia” campaign.

The campaign, which symbolises a united Malaysia, will begin on May 13 to kick start a better way to remember the day and celebrate the country's diversity.

@iamkumbre tweeted: “#KamilahMalaysia we should support any form of unity laaaa....”.

@alfiantalib tweeted the Star Radio Group deputy chief broadcasting officer Kudsia Kahar to voice his support for the project, stating: “I'm with you on this campaign. #kamilahmalaysia.”

Kudsia responded by tweeting: “I can't wait to hear the song they have translated to Kadazan, Tamil, not just Mandarin and English #kamilahmalaysia.”

The song in question is the campaign's version of Mulanya Disini, a 1980s favourite by local band Freedom.

@BulatHati tweeted: “Aww I love that sama-sama' song, Kamilah Malaysia! Another great campaign, kudos Star Radio Group DJs”, and shared some lyrics from the hit song: Sama-sama gunung didaki, sama-sama turun ke lembah sepi, suka duka, bersama dirasai (Together we climb the mountain, together we descend to the quiet valley, joy and sorrow, experienced together).

On Facebook, Ju Enn Ng found the campaign noble in its intention to celebrate diversity and encourage unity, though she remains unsure “if this is the way to do it”.

Others, like @husseina88, are hoping for the best while looking forward to the “Kamilah Malaysia” campaign as an “interesting initiative in emphasising unity”.


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